Black Bears Mascots

Cooper and the Racing Pepperoni Rolls

Cooper the Black Bear

COOPER, the loveable and proud mascot of the West Virginia Black Bears made his first ever appearance at Monongalia County Ballpark on June 19, 2015. His strength and determination in protecting his new home from opponents throughout the NY-Penn League is matched only by his warmth in welcoming Black Bears fans of all ages to the ballpark to cheer on the hometown team.

Cooper has loved the game of baseball ever since he was taught the game as a cub. Now, he is excited to share his knowledge of the sport with the young boys and girls of North Central West Virginia. Cooper believes in fair play, determination and teamwork, the exact things fans can expect from the Black Bears' team each and every night.

Of course, with every new position comes perks. Cooper has gladly traded his diet of twigs and berries to delicious charbroiled hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. And now, with the opportunity to wear the Black Bears uniform with pride while having lots of fun with fans at every game, Cooper has his dream job.

Racing Pepperoni Rolls

Julia's Racing Pepperoni Rolls are comprised of three distinct personalities and recipes: Hot Pepper Hank, Pepperoni and Cheese Patty and (the lovable loser) Double-Stuffed Dave. Each roll is named after one of Chico Bakery's signature variations of pepperoni roll.

These pepperoni rolls were crafted with love by Grandma Julia one magical night using a secret ingredient that brought them to life upon baking. They were adopted by the Black Bears as representatives of the team and the most beloved and well-known state treat.

Every game, the Pepperoni Rolls race across the field to entertain all Black Bears fans. While Pepperoni and Cheese Patty and Hot Pepper Hank have captured season titles, Double-Stuffed Dave has notoriously lost all but one race during his career. As of August 30, 2019, Double-Stuffed Dave has officially retired from participating in the in-game race. During the off season, you can catch this trio doing what they do best--rollin' around Monongalia County Ballpark!