Mothman at The Mon

stadium-72823Sighting CONFIRMED... Mothman at The Mon

For more than 50 years, there have been multiple sightings throughout the great state of West Virginia of an infamous winged beast with piercing red eyes, but no credible leads have been reported in Monongalia County... Until now!

For the first time in the history of Granville, details have finally emerged of the mysterious, winged creature known as “Mothman!” That's right, the legend is true, and in 2022 you'll finally be able to see..

Mothman at The Mon!

The Black Bears have unveiled all new 'Mothman at The Mon' jerseys, which will be worn by the team five times during the 2022 season. Celebrate the next chapter of the Mothman folklore by getting to Monongalia County Ballpark this summer... Maybe... just maybe... the real Mothman will emerge once again!

shopping-cart-72825Mothman at The Mon Merchandise

Now fans can own a piece of the history with the release of “Mothman at The Mon” Replica Jerseys and T-Shirts. Like their on-field counterparts, the replica jerseys feature the background of Monongalia County Ballpark with the looming image of Mothman flying overhead. Beginning today, t-shirts commemorating the historic sighting will be available for sale.