Behind the Bases - Episode One - Meet Dan Lentz

My name is Dan Lentz. I'm from Levittown, Pennsylvania, and I'm the Corporate Ticket Sales Manager. At St. Joseph's University, I was a sports marketing major, Class of 2019. I've been working in sports themselves for about, including college, looking at about nine years or so, uh, with an internship all through school as well as kind of post grad career.

I worked a couple of different jobs, one with the Baltimore Orioles, their ticket department as well as the St. Joe's corporate sponsorship department. That led me to the Thunder. I would say just building positive relationships. Being a team that's local and a ballpark that I attended so many times as a kid, and being able to be on the other side of it and provide that positive experience and memory is the best part, hands down.

At the ballpark, typically, you'll see me pregame on the field for the Field of Dreams activity, either getting ready for that or, or actually on the field, prior to the National Anthem. Getting groups and pregame experiences set up. Typically with a radio in my ear, talking to the production booth, getting things set in that regard.

And then during the game, I'll be wandering the ballpark, saying hello to groups and just enjoying the game while I can. It's really important to foster a positive relationship and keep in touch with these group leaders throughout the year. It's always a great interaction when I make put a name to a face on their end. You know, I'm talking head on the phone, but it's nice to really have that final connection. At the- seeing them enjoy the experience, seeing them enjoy the ballpark. That's always a great and important part of the role. Making myself known and present in the ballpark.

I'm looking forward to 2024 and seeing the best fans in baseball back out here this summer.