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Ticket Fundraising

Spikes ticket fundraisers allow organizations to earn more money than selling hoagies or magazines!

Spikes Fundraiser Basics:

  • All fundraisers start with a minimum order of 200 tickets that can be structured as an undated ticket voucher fundraiser or to a designated Spikes game on the schedule
  • The Spikes sell a block of tickets to your organization at a discount and your organization turns around and sells the tickets at face value, earning your group a profit on each ticket sold!
  • Your organization will earn at least $3.00 per ticket sold on a dated fundraiser ($2.50 per ticket on an undated ticket fundraiser), and could earn more per ticket depending on the amount of tickets you sell!
  • A 25% deposit and signed agreement is required at the time the fundraiser is reserved.
  • The remaining balance and final head count is due 2 weeks prior to the game listed on the tickets and any profit on tickets sold stays with your organization!
  • Ask about on-field performance opportunities!

For more information on setting up a Spikes fundraiser for your organization please contact the team's Group Sales Department at (814) 272-1711 or [email protected].